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We offer participation in some great projects. Would you like to own an farm in the Seychelles? Or a coffee plantation in Kenya? Fancy for a Pasha title from Egypt?

We support farms in Africa, Asia and parts of Latin America with targeted investments. The focus of our work is on farms and plantations that are facing challenges due to economic changes in their environment. Here we help with manageable investments. As an independent company that is in direct contact with the farmers and plantation owners, we can act quickly and individually without a lot of administrative work.

In many countries, there is a great deal of injustice that puts local farmers at a disadvantage. Especially in poorer regions of the world, goods for daily use are mostly sold by large corporations. This is not due to a lack of resources, but to the fact that large corporations make local cultivation unprofitable by dumping prices. Our work starts exactly there. With local initiative, we directly support the farmer and thus the entire region. We want to enable the farmers to operate profitably. Our goal is to enable the partners to independently determine their development course by working for global economic, ecological, and social progress.


If you would like to participate in a project, we offer a symbolic co-ownership of a plantation or farm. You will receive a beautiful, magnificent title deed and in many cases even a noble title to go with it. With this you directly support the respective project and have a framed deed in your living room, which will surely inspire astonishment and cause a lot of conversation.